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يشرفنا الاشتراك معانا وتنورنا

احلى مشكله لاجن شباب

    أسماء الله الحسنى بالانجلش


    ¦¤( ALMODER )¤¦
    ¦¤( ALMODER )¤¦

    عدد الرسائل : 6711
    العمر : 29
    الموقع : egypt
    بتشتغل ايه يا عم : student
    مودك ايه؟ : دماغ عاليه اوووى ومتكلفه
    الاوسمه :
    السٌّمعَة : 2
    نقاط : 23
    تاريخ التسجيل : 17/03/2008

    أسماء الله الحسنى بالانجلش

    مُساهمة من طرف GEMY في الأربعاء أغسطس 20, 2008 10:54 am


    In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful


    The Name Of God
    The Beneficent
    The Merciful
    The Sovereign Lord
    The Holy
    The Source Of Peace
    The Guardian Of Faith
    The Protector
    The Mighty
    The Compeller
    The Majestic
    The Creator
    The Evolver
    The Fashioner
    The Forgiver
    The subduer
    The Bestover
    The Provider
    The Opener
    The All Knowning
    The Constrictor
    The Expender
    The Abaser
    The Exalter
    The Honourer
    The Dishonourer
    The All Hearing
    The All Seeing
    The Judge
    The Just
    The Subtle One
    The Aware
    The Forbearing One
    The Magnificent
    The All-Forgiving
    The Appreciative
    The Most High
    The Most Great
    The Preserver
    The Maintainer
    The Reckoner
    The Sublime One
    The Generous One
    The Watchfull
    The Responsive
    The All-Embracing
    The wise
    The Loving
    The Most Glorious One
    The Resurrector
    The Witness
    The Truth
    The Trustee
    The Most Strong
    The Firm One
    The protecting Friend
    The Praiseworthy
    The Reckoner
    The Originator
    The Restorer
    The Giver Of Life
    The Creator Of Death
    The Alive
    The Self-Subsisting
    The Finder
    The Noble
    The Unique
    The One
    The Eternal
    The Able
    The Powerful
    The Expediter
    The Delayer
    The First
    The last
    The manifest
    The Hidden
    The Governor
    The Most Exalted
    The Source Of All Goodness
    The Acceptor Of Repentance
    The Avenger
    The Pardoner
    The Compassionate
    Eternal Owner Of Sovereignty
    Lord Of Majesty, Bounty
    The Equitable
    The Gatherer
    The Self-Sufficient
    The Enricher
    The Preventer
    The Distresser
    The Propitious
    The Light
    the Guide
    The Incomparable
    The Everlasting
    The Supreme Inheritor
    The Guid To The Right Path
    The Patient


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